Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swedish's good grip....

Universal Poplab is a Swedish synthpop band founded in January of 2002 by vocalist Christer Lundberg and producer Paul Lachenardière. The journey from making plans to music can best be described as a series of creative wild mood swings since the band's two members have very different backgrounds: Christer is an old-school synthpop fan, influenced by acts like Soft Cell and Yazoo, Paul is a classically trained musician with roots in jazz, electronica, trance and techno. Each member’s creativity has taken various forms over the years. Christer is not only a gifted songwriter with a strong personal voice; he also hosts his own daytime radio show five days a week on Swedish radio and has produced TV documentaries. Paul is not only an accomplished producer, he is a skilled multi-instrumentalist who creates music and releases records in such varied genres as trance and nu-jazz. It's in the meeting of these two different minds that magic is born! Universal Poplab's music can best be described as sexy electronic pop spiced with strong emotion.

In 2003 Universal Poplab made their live debut at the Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards (SAMA), followed by a number of summer gigs. The SubSpace Encounter in Malmö and the support show for German synthpop stars Melotron in Gothenburg.

In 2004 their debut album ”Universal Poplab” is released by independent record label SubSpace Communications. On the album, one can find a wide spectre of music, from gentle love songs as ”Dice roller” and ”Any more than this” weaved between electrifying tracks as “I can’t help myself”(with Paul as the lead vocalist) and “Days astray” to floor fillers as ”Extasy” and the first single, the melancholic yet bouncy “Casanova fall”. The record also includes a cover version of Morrissey’s ”We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” featuring the backing vocals of one of Sweden's most famous pop stars, Håkan Hellström. Lundberg and Hellström have known each other since they were 16, and the song is dealing with the dark side of having famous friends. Universal Poplab’s single release, "New baby boom" (featuring Nina Natri from Homy and ex-Fidget), gained a good grip on Swedish radio playlists.

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