Friday, March 13, 2009

fluff fluff fluff...

on that day he asked, "what are you doing here?"
then i closed the book and said, "seeing friends",
*(what? seeing friends? shit! here? i'm alone, where are they?
please don't ask, please don't ask)*
then i listened to him
as he takes on half the world
moving up and so alive
in him honey dripping
behave behave...
it's good, so good, all right
talking back to him
eating up the plum, just like honey
he's wonderful
he's beautiful
i wanted him, i do
i could love, all night with him
i'm in his arms, and he's kissing me
(oh shit, why he's looking me like that, he can read my mind?)
"thanks for the coffee"
"thanks for the time, wonderful"

*fffiiiuuuuuhhhh....deep exhale....

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